How can I create a Dark Theme?

All of my other 3D software has a dark theme which reduces eye strain tremendously.
I have my viewport colors set and that’s very helpful but how can I change the panel background colors?
(The layer panel is particularly bright.)

You might want to take a look at this plug-in. not sure it will do precisely what you are looking to do, but I had similar concerns and found it helpful.


There is not a way to create a dark theme in Mac Rhino. The link in the previous post leads to various themes in Windows Rhino and do not work in Mac Rhino.

To follow up on Gregg_Johnson’s question. Are there any plans to increase the legibility of the tool icons? Let say by a more contrasting background color (dark mode as suggested) or updated icons?

Currently all the white elements in the icons almost don’t have any contrast with the background I find.

In addition to leaving “Night shift” always on, with the “warm colors” setting at its maximum, I propose my solution: leave the “system preferences” window open under “Accessibility”. Select “Invert Colors” when you use Rhino and possibly turn off quickly for other applications.
To work with bitman, use PS> image>Adjustment>Invert
In this way, the black and white (most commonly used) reference images will have their original appearance.
My advice is to use a black background so that with the inversion of the colors turns gray. I realize that it is not a definitive evolution, but if I am forced to work at night, it would be my choice.

Thanks for the tip Zsimon. In my current work flow it would be bit of a hassle to constantly have to switch between invert colors unfortunately. Hopefully its something they have on there list for in the future?