Rhino crashing after update

I’m a relatively new Rhino user. As I was shutting down last night Rhino indicated there was an update needed so I ran it. When it appeared to be done, I shut down my latop (Windows 10). This morning Rhino will not start. It starts booting up then says it encountered an error. I did sent the error report. It will start in Safe mode. Wondering if maybe the update was not actually finished when I shut down. Help?

Hello - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino (Safe mode, I guess) and paste the results here?
@sarahmkayser - are you using a USB docking station by any chance?



Thanks Pascal. I ended up dowloading Rhino again and saw the option to repair. I ran that and after a restart it is functioning again, so I am all set. Thank you.

Hi Pascal and Sarah. Firstly apologies for hijacking your post Sarah but i have been having the same problem since the update. However it was not addressed by re-installing.

Pascal i saw your comment regarding usb docking station. I connect my laptop to a dual monitor setup via a dell displaylink. Sure enough when i unplugged the displaylink rhino started ok, and seems to be working ok having plugged it back in once the program is running.

Can you recommend a fix for this issue, rather than disconnecting my monitors every time i start rhino?


@jonny – can you try installing this build


Does that work better?

@jonny - if not, (I gather from other techs that the above linked installer may not do it) then try


The 17061 installer is the one you all want…

Posting it again for clarity.


All ok now, thank you both!