Rhino Crashes when opening

Hi there. Im working at home and i have a file I need to open which was last saved elsewhere. Im using rhino 5 (64-bit) on windows.

This file crashes in rhino every time I open it, I have run it in safe mode but the file still cant open and I may have mistakingly saved it in rendered mode, or in raytaced on the other computer…But i think what could be causing it is the rendering engine i was using for the last save, maxwell, uses different materials and I had applied maxwell specific materials to the building and saved it, although I dont have maxwell at home and the material wouldnt be an option on my home pc.
Any light on this would be much appreciated and I have uploaded the file here if anyone wants to see whats going on.


Cheers! Mike

You had a viewport in technical display mode which might take time to generate meshes…
See if you can open this one.
Final Studio Model - Crater House-wd.7z (8.0 MB)

Thankyou sir! it has opened.

Appreciate your help

Of course, there’s still something wrong on your system if Rhino crashes. Make sure to have the latest SR of Rhino installed and update your display drivers for the GPU to the latest version.