Recent Update Makes Some Files Crash when Opening

Hi, since the last update I have noticed some files crashing on opening.

Has anyone else experience something similar?

The workaround is to open an empty rhino file, and from there, File>Open and the files open fine. Which makes me thing there is something clearly wrong with the update.

If you can share a file that crashes Rhino, we can give it a try and see if we can repeat the crash. If we can repeat a crash, we should be able to fix things pretty quick.

Hi Steve, where can I send the file?

Here ya go

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Thanks! Please disregard first email as it is empty :persevere:

I think it has to do with some Quixel meshes I imported. :thinking:

Any updates on this? It keeps happening :frowning:

Hello- I am looking at the file now - so far no issues opening or anything else; I see there is some Enscape user data - what happens if you disable Enscape in Options > Plug-ins page, close Rhino, re-open it and open this file - any different?


Hello Pascal, I don’t think that is it.

This is the correct way to disable Enscape plug-in right?

I unchecked here, closed Rhino. Double clicked on file and it crashed yet again when opening.

I do have a RhinoCrashDump, maybe I can send that your way?

Yes, please. Zip and upload to, with a link back to this topic in yoir comments.


Done, thank you!

@ShynnSup - thanks, got the dump file - and yes disabling Enscape as you show and then restarting Rhino would be the test for that plug-in, but looking at your image above, I would also disable the other plug-ins shown there, again with a restart of Rhino, and see if there is any change. If not, I’ll log a bug with the files you’ve sent.


Hi Pascal, I have disabled all plug-ins and this file still crashes.

I am sending it your way via

@ShynnSup thanks for sending the file. I can reproduce the crash here when opening, importing the file works. (I did not try the workaround you found, since I was testing this on Mac)
RH-82377 file crashes on opening

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RH-82377 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8 Release Candidate