Rhino crash

I saved a project while in the perspective ‘ray traced neon’ viewport and closed the file directly after. Now I’m unable to open the file and rhino crashes. I sent the crash log via the popup message, but have not received a confirmation email of receipt nor a response from the support team. This is rhino 5, and as mentioned in the crash log response there ought to be several option(s) in the ‘open’ file dialog box to alleviate users of these types of burdens.

Hi Clark -Does the file open if you start Rhino in Safe Mode (Windows start menu, type in Rhinoceros and look for the Rhinoceros in Safe Mode entry.) are you using any plug-ins other than Neon? Can you send the file to tech@mcneel.com, or post it here if it is not confidential and not huge?



Hi Clark - and, can you save, close, and then re-open the file normally or does it still choke if Rhino is not in Safe Mode?