Rhino crashed while import style and inserting

Heeeelp. While using visual arq 3 beta with Rhino 8, the app kept crashing during import style( it wont go through ) and inserting doors or other styles the first time. Using a blank file works fluently. Switching between NETcore and Net Framework seems to help. I am not rely sure where to pull out the crash report file.

Actually switching bewtween net cor and net frame work does not help, is just some time i can import some time i can not

Hi @Rebecca_Zhao does it crash when you run the vaImportStyles command? in that case, can you share the .val file?
Does it crash with any particular 3dm file? or when inserting a specific door style? can you share the involving file? you can attach it here or send it to visualarq@asuni.com
Also, make sure you have the latest Beta version. You can download it from the web: Beta - VisualARQ

Hi, I just updated to the newest beta version. Now it runs fluently, before it was annoyingly slow. It would be nice to show what version of the Beta now it is in the download website maybe, since the reason i did not try to download the latest beta version is because i am not sure if it got updated or not. Thank you so much for the respond.

@Rebecca_Zhao We have added many performance enhancements in the last Beta. Do you still get the crash when importing styles?

We will add the Beta number to the download page so it is easier to know which is the current version.

Thank you so much for your help. import is fine now, the curtain wall had this weird performance on plan after i updated the beta, but if i delete and rebuild, then it is fine. I sent the file to the email last night

Also there is another problem that my guide can not be snaped at all which is weird but i couldnt find any solution online

slidingmulti-leafdoorandwindow (1).val (188.2 KB)
is this style having the problem

Hi @Rebecca_Zhao which VisualARQ version are you using? can you run the vaAbout command and copy the screenshot?


Hi @Rebecca_Zhao I cannot reproduce the crash when importing that styles file. Please try it again with the new Beta version we have just published today, and let me know if the problem persists.