VisualARQ objects lost their properties and now are simple blocks

Hello, I have been working on a model for a few weeks without any major issues. Last time Rhino crashed and when I opened the file again, all objects are there, but walls, slabs, doors, windows, stairs, are now named “block instance” and VisualARQ doesn’t recognize them. All styles are gone in the libraries as if I had created a document using a “normal” Rhino template.

Everything was working fine last time I opened the document. I tried opening autosaved files from moments or days before and the behavior is the same.

Any help will be much appreciated! I’m two days from my thesis deadline and really need this file.

Hi @SebastianNovoa, when Rhino crashes, for whatever reason, VisualARQ objects are turned into block instances. We need to figure out the reason for the crash. Can you reproduce it? if you can, a .DMP file will be generated in your desktop. Rename this file BEFORE closing the Rhino crash message (otherwise another useless .DMP file will replace it), zip it, and send it to That way we can figure out what’s happening and fix any possible bugs.

If you keep a .3dmbak file previous to the first crash, you should be able to read properly the VisualARQ objects in there.