Rhino crashing like hell



Hi everybody, my rhino is crashing like hell and blocking the pc, I have to turn it of violently…

It happens from when I installed the latest versions of visual arq…

Any help?



I installed both version (latest Relaease 1.9:x and the Canidate 2). I don’t have crash or something like that.
The only thing is, that in the canidate Version it is impossible to change the strength of the roof

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(Enric Marquès) #4

Hi @arkfavero,

Do you know how to reproduce the crashes?
Are you sending the crash reports to McNeel?



  • trying to open visualarq object properties right clicking on the icon…
  • in rendered wiew, passing from 1 to 4 views and trying to use another view, as if the rendered view parameters were too heavy for the system (hp zbook15 with quadro gcard)
  • quite random the problem is

No reports to mcneel, as when it happens, I have to turn down completely by long pressing laptop start button…

should I reinstall rhino completely?

(Enric Marquès) #6

Hi @arkfavero,

Have you tried to uninstall VisualARQ?
Does this happens on all documents even on a empty new one?




Rhino crashes when save as/ export? Did you place Some IFC tags ?