Memory leak in Raytraced view?


This has happened to me for the third time now!

Rhino crashes my entire system, when I leave Raytraced view (Cycles) running for a couple of minutes. It never seems to converge - arrive at stage that it deems satisfactory -, and thus a system dialogue pops up after a certain time that tells me that Rhino intends to use 87GB of memory. I only have 16GB.
Consequently, macOS freezes completely and I have to reboot manually by pressing the on/off button. No Rhino crash report gets generated!

I’ve Rhino 7 (7.9.21222.15002, 2021-08-10) and I’m running it on macOS 11.5.2 (Big Sur).


Hi -

That might not be the case anymore, I suppose, but could you try to reproduce that with the 7.11 SRC?
If that still crashes, please post your complete SystemInfo.

I’ll check tonight after I’ve finished work and done my daily backups, since it tends to crash the entire system.

I’ve tested a file in 7.11 and the memory leak seems to be gone.

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