Rhino crash on save, help

Trying to work on a file here, and it crashes every time i try to save. Not experiencing this issue with any other files.

wreath blanks2.3dm (10.1 MB)

I’m not finding any bad objects or obvious problems in the file. I can edit and save the file without errors.
Are you running any plug-ins?

no plugins. i had to select all and export to a new file to work around.
It worked, but wondering what may have caused it in the first place.

I see a table with RhinoArt1FileExporter data in it when I run Audit3dmFile on your file.

In Options > Plug-ins, change the list filter to “Plugins that did not ship with Rhino”.
That’s blank?

Did you get this file from someone else?

I do see that, it’s from RhinoCAM. I thought I had it disabled, but that
one was still checked.

If you still have a copy of the file that crashes when you Save it, you could test it to see if having the plug-in loaded or not effects it.
If it only crashes when that plug-in is loaded, I suspect the RhinoCAM developers would like to get their hands on it.