Rhino Camera Rotation

In perspective view, the camera typical rotates around the centroid of the zoom selected object. However, quite frequently now, it randomly begins to orbit about a fixed position. Similar to walk mode. What is causing the camera to suddenly change the way it orbits? Its almost like the _Rotatecamera command is activating without being prompted.

Two thoughts come to mind, do you have a 3D connexion device and does it happen with the device not plugged in? Second idea is that the Gumball is being used but is not set to rotate around the selection… but was at one point.

Hi Matt- it is possible to set the view to rotate around the Gumball origin - you may have inadvertently set that in the Gumball menu in the status bar.


The camera focus gets ‘out-of-whacked’ as soon as you pan, and most people don’t even realize they did it. I teach a super-quick fix:

  • Select any object in the scene
  • Zoom → Selected

The camera will re-set AND you now have a new center of rotation. This is so damn handy, I make Zoom→Selected my first keyboard shortcut.

The command View → Zoom → Extents will also work and already has a shortcut, CTRL-SHIFT-E. But you could end up zooming pretty far away, depending on what’s in your scene.


Would Place Target also be a valid way of rotating view about a chosen point?


That worked perfectly!