Zooming and Orbiting Issues

Hello. This is hard to explain but, this happens only in Perspective view, when i want to zoom in to do some close in work, the zoom stops or freezes at some point, and it never reaches the spot where i want to be. Also, sometimes i actually get as close as i want but then when i want to orbit, the whole thing moves abruptly and it doesn’t do a “small orbit” let’s say. This is Rhino 7 in Windows 10. Thankyou

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Turn gumball on, right-click gumball button in status bar, set “Rotate View Around Gumball” as shown in the following screenshot, and select the object you are working on.
gumball view

Another option is setting target (location, place) in the Properies panel - the object you are working on is the target.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for your suggestion. I tried and i’m still having the issue. I attached a video showing what i mean. Thanks

Hello - this happens in Perspective when the camera gets very close to the target. Use Zoom Target to reset these. (I set my Z alias to be Zoom Target and not the default Zoom Window, I find it works better)


Also depending on how you are zooming, but if you RMB-drag and + hold ALT, or scrollwheel zoom + hold ALT, you should not run into this problem since camera moves along with the target.

Hi Pascal, sorry if it’s a dumb question but, how do i use Zoom Target? where is that command? and how do i set Z alias to Zoom target? Thanks a lot

Hi Jarek, i tried scrollwheel zoom + Alt, and the same happens, also, it zooms only to the very center of the screen so i have to get used to that i maybe. Thanks

Over here when I just hold ALT and start scrollwheeling, the view zooms into the cursor, not center, so I am not sure what’s going on on your end, sorry.

No worries, thanks for the suggestion and i’ll try to figure it out.

Hi -

When you run the Zoom command, you will notice a Target option on the command line.

In the Rhino Options > Aliases, you can change the current shortcut for Z to be Zoom Target just like the other z* shortcuts run zoom with a different option.

Hi, it seems that this plugin is exactly for you: Walkie - A plugin for Rhinoceros with game-like walk navigation and mouse navigation improvements - YouTube

This plugin constantly places the camera target right under your cursor in 3D space that you can zoom in freely wherever you want, which Rhino doesn’t do for you.