Rhino brep not found on reopening GH file

Hi, I’ve been using a GH script I’ve made to view sectional lines of a boat hull I’ve drawn in Rhino 7. It has worked great repeatedly and has allowed me to bake the lines plan. However, now I’d like to draw a series of interior planking sections and the script will not find the Brep.

I’m thinking there’s probably something really obvious I’m not seeing, but I’m not sure what. Would anyone else be able to spot my error? Please excuse the clumsy GH script, it’s the best I could do. I’ve turned on preview for the Linear Array function in the second image.

thanks in advance


Did you intend to connect the brep input also to the Shape inputs of the plane through shape components?

I haven’t before and it seemed to work. Let me try

You’re a genius. I don’t know how it worked before but that certainly did it. Thank you!

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Enjoy working with Rhino and Grasshopper!

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