Hello, I need some help!

Im quite new to rhino so i scratch only the basics, i was trying to do the solar analysis of a structure but the problems is that every time i try to conect the brep with the content informationt to context on incident radiation it cracks, the full program needs to be closed. I dont know if it is a problem with the model it self o with the enormos cuantitie of breps that i mesh together. What will be a good solution? i left the file in case someone can help me. :sob::sob:
tree.gh (38.9 KB)

Hi , I’m on my phone(can’t check your file) but it’s good to ask here :

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the generated geometry is very heavy. but eventually, it will generate. you might want to bake the outputs one by one

If your geometry is arranged in a hexagonal grid like this

you can do it like this:


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thankssss, i´ll try right now

Gonna bake and see what happens, the previous times the screen went white and in the end no matter how much i wait the only result was rhino clousure :sob:

That happens to me also - and I only make small things for 3D printing… The basic cause is data overload. That means your GH file is passing more data to Rhino than it can handle in a reasonable time. So you need to reduce the amount of work you are asking Rhino to do. In your case maybe reduce the number lines in your base geometry shape before you pas a whole array of those to Rhino.

Or just for fun, instead of using a bunch of lines derived from you Loft shape, bake an array of Lofts directly. Rhino is quite good at handling Lofts. I understand your requirements may require lines and not Lofts, but you can at least get an idea of how many lines Rhino can manage in a reasonable time if you start with none of them.

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here’s a suggestion. Open rhino then grasshopper. Don’t open the gh file. Instead, go to solver and disable. this should prevent Grasshopper from running any script. With the solver disabled, open your file. select all and middle mouse click, select disable.
with all the batteries disabled, enable the solver. then from left to right, enable the batteries one by one. once you have your base geometry, bake, then internalize it. one by one enable each move component, bake it, then disable it.

Analysis ready :smile: :fireworks: :fireworks: in the end the hexagonalgrid was not posible because the distribution of the sufaces was due to the place they need to be in the terrain, but on the other hand like i only wanted to see the result of the radiance i bake the loft and then move it to make more and the result came out. Thanks

Thanks cause in order to adjust de file i did what you told me of the solver and was finallly able to work with out the computer bugging, ill try the complete suggestion when i correct the geometry cause this isnt the final. :smile:

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