Rhino compute with grasshopper plug-in not running

I am testing the possibilities of using grasshopper plug-ins in the gh scripts to run on rhino compute server. We have set-up our own server with RHINO7(WIP) installed and also installed the plug-in we are testing with: LaunchBox as shown here:

The rest of the pipeline (uploading geometry and reading geometry) should all be fine as the RH_OUT.og parameter does return the correct result. However, the output params connected to LunchBox component did not out-put anything thus leading me to believe those components were not loaded correctly.
no result
here is the returned result from the API call to our own server:

{'algo': '', 
'pointer': None, 
'values': [
{'ParamName': 'RH_OUT:plug_in_only', 'InnerTree': {}}, 
{'ParamName': 'RH_OUT:og', 'InnerTree': {'{ 0; }': [{'type': 'Rhino.Geometry.Brep', 'data': '{"version":10000,"archive3dm":60,"opennurbs":-1912572423,"data":"+n8CAFUNAAAAAAA......AAAAA="}'}]}}, 
{'ParamName': 'RH_OUT:srfs', 'InnerTree': {}}]}
  • I eliminated the “data” object since its super long and redundant

Is there any special steps I should take when installing gh plug-ins on the server? Did I miss any thing?

Thank you!

Is the surface a brep? or an untrimmed surface?

should be a Brep!
In rhino it just says its a surface thou

Well, the first component in Lunchbox, usually requires untrimmed surfaces, and wont work on Breps. Not sure what is happening with the second component…

If you run compute locally on your desktop, do you get these same results?

yeah the second component was trying to test independently of any input errors I may have…

I wasn’t able to set up my endpoint correctly for local compute server… but that might be interesting to try. Let me look into setting up my local server.

I think that is critical so you can debug issues locally. I cover this early in this presentation

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I am having the same problem but with the Karamba plugin - meshes are zeron when the GH script is calculated on a local instance of Rhino Compute.

Have you been able to find a solution?

It’s probably because the Karamba plug-in refers to something in the active document of rhino (usually unit or tolerance) and since rhino compute does not have a active rhino document attached, this will cause an error and that component will not run…
You might have to wait for Karamba to fix this issue…