GH component won't run on class RHINO file

Hi there,

I am new to the FORUM and just got my copy of Rhino for a class. I am struggling with some issues which I believe has to do with the Rhino file. We are learning GH so my knowledge of Rhinoceros is almost null.

Basically I am trying to use the Geometry Pipeline component on GH and a Point component to run a Point In Curve. The thing is I keep getting the error: BREP failed to convert to CURVE.

If I this definition on another file it works perfectly it is just this file which has the issue. And unfortunately the one I have access for in my class.

Hope I am not being repetitive with the topic and that someone can help me understand what should I do to fix the file.

Uploading a RAR file below and cloud links in case the rar file doesnt work.

PUDA Task4 BUG GH File

Rhino File

PUDA_BUG_200220.rar (4.5 MB)

So when I look at your Rhino files, the buildings are closed solid polysurfaces

Since they are closed polysurfaces, they are volumes and are considered as breps in Grasshopper.
If the buildings were flat surfaces, then you can extract the curve that make them up in grasshopper.
Since it is a closed polysurface, you will need to use a ‘point in brep’ component.

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Wow Christopher that was a very fast answer thanks a lot I was able to continue with my assignment this morning. I now have to ask even though this is not part of the original question for future reference; does Rhino have a tool/command that helps to transform polysurfaces into polylines?

Again thank you so much!

If you use “decostruct brep”, you will get all the edges, but since it is a closed polysurface, think of a rectangular prism, you will not have a complete polyline as there is a vertical aspect to it.
You can use “extractsrf” to get one of the surfaces and from there, grasshopper will transform that single surface to a closed polyline.

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Again, thank you Christopher. I am still working on my project and this has helped me move on.