Rhino + Adobe Dimension

I’ve been trying out Adobe Dimension lately and it plays pretty nicely with rhino. This model had the materials and textures applied in rhino and then it was exported as an .obj and rendered in Dimension. From what I understand its running off the vray engine and if you have an Adobe subscription it’s included.


Well, it seems to be a simple render, is it really impossible in Rhino?

I’m working on rhino 5 for the mac and haven’t been able to get that level of quality.

oh my goodness …

rendering in rhino 5 for mac really is not a good reference to compare with. it still has the ancient render engine which is going to become obsolete sooner or later.

if you want to make a fair contemporary comparison try the wip 6 for mac which is now equipped with cycles, the same render engine as blender is using.

by the way on that render the balls seem like floating, does not look very good to me. generally anything adobe spits out should be tabu for anybody with a sustainable thinking. just another software which is going to pull money out of your pockets for implementing yet another dumb update making the computer slower and slower. but well advertising seems all around…