Which render to use?

Hello there,

I’am planning to use Rhino for our projects. We specialize in the realization of customized projects of natural stone, steel, wood and glass in public space. Often in combination with water and light.

I’am looking for a render engine that will make some good impressions for the client. Often we will need pictures that will help selling the project. It will be some simple pictures with some simple shades. But sometimes we need some real nice rendered pictures.

Which render should i use?

There are many advanced rendering plug-ins available for Rhino 5, including Flamingo nXt, Brazil, Neon, Penguin, V-Ray, Maxwell, Air, and Thea.


VRay. Flamingo is easy to use, but VRay is very fast and you have much more opportunities.

Greets Eike

Make sure to download a trial and test it extensively.
It’s what you are comfortable with that counts the most - not what other people can achieve with any renderer.

Very true, but do watch other work - it can help getting inspired :slight_smile:

Yes i watch other people. But some people can make fantastic projects with just paint. The sites give even nicer and better results, with less effort.
And testing is not easy. I can’t learn every program just to test. That’s why i’am interested in your opinion.

Of course important. The availability of materials and information like how to’s.


If everything that works in Cycles for Blender now works in Cycles for Rhino, too, you will find tons of material(s) here. When searching for V-Ray most results/tutorials will be for V-Ray for 3ds Max and finally V-Ray for Rhino is simply not the same. Maxwell is not fast at all. Personally I use Thea and think it’s a solid product. I am using it for 4 months now and it hasn’t crashed Rhino once so far.

I never had a look at Flamingo nXt, Brazil, Neon and Penguin.

That’s not exactly true, when you know where to look there’s a lot of assets available for V-Ray for Rhino. There’s a very nice library that comes with VfR for free.
And V-Ray 3.4, presently in beta, adds more materials and easier exchange with V-Ray for Max. As well as improved speed :slight_smile: