Flamingo vs Rhino Render vs Brazil vs Maxwell vs Vray...?!

Dear wonderful rhino community,

I have been a few years out of the loop for rendering, but I am finally going freelance and I need up to date software!

In the past I used and enjoyed Maxwell render. I am on rhino 6. I understand that rhino render has been significantly updated… but how do they all presently compare???

Using Rhino, how does Rhino Render, Flamingo NXT, Brazil, Maxwell , and Vray all compare???

This is for architecture, and I am also an artist, and so a visual sensitivity and nuance is important to me. I’ll be buying an academic license and so cost isn’t a huge difference…

In the past I loved the wall Maxwell could assign any geometry to be a light source, and how I could have multiple renders going at once and they could continue until I was satisfied with their resolution…

I really appreciate hearing how you all weigh in on their differences…

Thank you!!!


I think you may be referring to the Raytraced viewport mode, that is powered by the Cycles engine, known from Blender 3D.

How all these engines stack up against each other I leave to the users to give their reports on. :slight_smile:

For architecture I would use Vray. There is no limit, you nearly get anything you want and in best quality.

For speed architecture renders in quite good quality you should look at Enscape. Limited materials, but good for architecture scenes most. Extremely fast, you can render interior animations in minutes. Also you get the possibility to use 3D glasses for real time presentation.

As a 5 year user, I do not recommend Maxwell for now. They are not upgrading for almost a year including Rhino 6 plug-in. I use Cycles for basic studio renders for the moment.