Best way to render Rhino on a Mac

I’ve just started working with Rhino because I want to make nice renderings of houses, ships and cars.
I assumed plug-ins for rendering with Rhino would be widely available, such as Flamingo and Vray. Only it turns out to be somewhat different…
Is it possible at all to use a Mac for rendering Rhino or should I transfer to Windows for this (Which would make me kinda sad) ?


Currently there are not third party render plugins for Mac Rhino integrated within Rhino environment. What I mean by integrated within Rhino is, been able to apply materials, lights and render, always in Rhino.

There are a couple of exporter, Maxwell and Keyshot, that will let you export your geometry from Rhino and open your model in another application just for rendering. But the experience is not as smooth as rendering within your native modelling application.

Another option you have is exporting your 3d model, and open it in another 3d software that support renders plugins, like Cinema 4D, SketchUP, Maya, Blender… but again it is not as smooth as rendering within Rhino, and you have to learn a new software and pay for it…

So, if you want to be able to render within Rhino just now, your only choice is moving to Windows Rhino, which is also a big pain if you use OSX exclusively…

Personally, I export my models from Rhino and import them in Cinema 4D, where I complete my models and animate them in case I need. IMO, knowing more than one 3d software is always good because it will give you more tools and possibilities to add more to your visuals. But if you are just starting, I would recommend you to use just one software, and learn it quite well, before you move to another one.

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Please be aware that Rhino 6 (available for Windows NOW) will be better for rendering in Rhino directly. — version for Mac will be available later this year ~ 6 months

i use modo for rendering. it is available for mac.

Thank you all very much for the information, although things dont look to good for the mac now.
I did understood that in Rhino 6 there’ll be no difference anymore between Windows and Mac. That the build-in rendering is much better and the WIP version is running more or less ar the moment.

Yes, I’m aware of that, but we are talking about Rhino for Mac and there is not even a V6 WIP for Mac yet, so if you want to render now, you need to look somewhere else.
I really hope V6 will be here pretty soon, but it takes time to develop and polish a software.


Just to be rather pedantic: there will still be differences between Rhino 6 for Windows and Rhino 6 for Mac. That said, if all goes according to plan, the material and rendering capabilities in Rhino 6 for Mac will be much, much better than Rhino 5 for Mac.

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Yes. i believe but question is time … :frowning: we are not here forever :slight_smile:

Any timeline yet for upgraded render capabilities? I am only commenting here as this is the first result in a Google search for Rhino Render for Mac.

try the new V6 WIP for Mac, enhanced material library and Raytraced render, not long released so still lots of little gremlins in there, but worth a try out :slight_smile:

I use Adobe Dimension for a render

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On 2005 year it is good final result. :slight_smile: Sry but it is very out.