Rhino accounts web page borked?

If I go to my account and click on the Manage your licenses link:

I see this:

On the other hand, if I use the “View and edit your account details” link

then click on “Licenses”, I get the normal view like this:

I can follow the “Teams” link on the first one despite it’s being truncated, I get to the license page, the info is correct, but the graphic is completely different - one is in red, the other in blue.

From the first (truncated graphics page) path to my teams license section:

From the second (normal looking graphics page) path to my teams license section:

The URL for the two pages is however identical as far as I can see… Very odd.

This is on Firefox.

@will it looks like the difference is a (new?) _forceEmpty parameter.

This shows very tall narrow content:

while this shows well-sized content with (new?) blue links:

Logged as WWW-1718

Thanks @Helvetosaur for pointing this out.

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@Helvetosaur WWW-1718 is now fixed. You may need to do a hard reload to get around all the caching in your browser.

Yep, works correctly now, thanks!

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By the way, @will @brian can we please get a “Logout” button on this page?

It’s not at all obvious nor convenient to have to first click on “View and edit your account details” then to know that you need to click on your name/avatar image in the upper right hand corner and then choose “Logout” from the dropdown.

Hey Mitch -

It looks like WWW-1394 was added when you requested that a while back. I’ve given it a nudge.
It also looks like the same request is on Will’s list as WWW-1502.