Licence online management madness

I created new account, added new licence, created new team, invited members, now i want to add licence to the team and i cant do it. It does not even show the team when i click on the licences even though the team is under Teams page.
There is no back button whatsoever on that site. How is user supposed to navigate there?

Now i know maybe why it was behaving extremely strangely. I have more accounts saved in google chrome. So i was logged in via one account but clicking on licences it opened that page under different credentials. It is either chrome or the sites problem. I tried in inkognito mode and it worked better.

you should not have multiple personal accounts. One account per user.

if you are setting up a team, you can do it in your personal account (if appropriate), or if you are an admin for an organization then set up a team from that organization with 2nd login for that team.

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i have already resolved it. the problem was that the site was somehow confusing the accounts, switching them without my intention or action. i need to have more accounts because i have a licence (owner role) bound to companies email and i have another linked to my personal email.