Can't access team license

Hi I just switched my license from “personal” to a “team” and…it’s not working. I removed the license from my ‘personal’ account, created a "team’ and added it to it, and Rhino can’t retrieve the license. Does it just take while to update? Do I need a separate account for the “owner” vs a user?

Everything looks fine on the server end.
It looks like you are the Team owner.

Can you get in and see the license from the Web UI?

You might need to logout to refresh your local license lease.

Yep I see it, and I see my other team member can too, I just can’t get Rhino to run.

Click on your name in the Web UI and Logout.
Then start Rhino and it should ask you to login again.

That did it thanks!

Your Rhino account is linked to your Google account