Rhino account licensing

rhino6 wont let me use the software until I add a license key to my account. I have already entered the license code before I made an account so I cant re-enter it. I also then don’t know how to uninstall to re-install! please help asap!

You mean you installed the key locally in one machine before you created your Rhino account? You want to remove it from there and put it into your cloud account? See the following article:


For all cloud account questions see here:



Yes but I cannot find the tools bar to click on license button. What is the alternative?

  • Eliza

@13191933 I’m AJ. I work for McNeel. Please private message me your Rhino 6 license key so I can further diagnose what the issue is.

Menu Tools>Options, in the left hand column click on “Licenses”.