Being told to remove licence from my computer, Any ideas how?

The license key ???-???-???-???-???-??? is in use on a computer named “DESKTOP-???”. Remove the license from “DESKTOP-???” before using it here.

There is no licence in use, I have only just installed the evaluation version…

Any ideas?

Hi David - in Options > Licenses page you can change the license.


Thanks Pascal but I cannot get into Rhino to remove the licence. :frowning:

hmmm - it looks like you have a successful validation for the same machine from earlier and a whole bunch of failed (presumably unnecessary) ones since… what dialog/message do you see when you start up Rhino?


It just says there is no licences for rhino 6 in my account. the sends to my online account, then when I put in the licence that eas email to me, I get the " you need to remove the licence"…

So, your license appears to be installed and validated on the one machine, not on the cloud zoo. Can you post or send me an image of the very first dialog you see? and if you get that far, the license page on the splash:


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for trying to help someone called Carla at McNeel sorted it out.