R7 WIP questions

When we purchased R6 (approx. ~year after initial release) we were hoping for the smoothest transition from R5 possible. The decision was made mostly because R6 had infinitely better display performance.
Well, needless to say it was rough as a 50 grit sandpaper since R6 still has more bugs than my 25 years old mattress. Not only they break our current workflows, but they force us to rethink and reinvent them around the bugs. I’ve been told to use R7 WIP which has most of our game breaking bugs squished, so here come my list of questions about it.

  1. How compatible R7 WIP with R6, 'cause R5 is “barely compatible” with R6. What are the major differences? I really don’t look forward to recreating our template files (which I just did for R6) just to make them look the same in R7 WIP.
  2. Do we need to have R6 installed to work in R7 WIP? We really want to have only one version of Rhino installed to prevent cross saving and general confusion.
  3. What happens upon R7 official release? Do we get to keep working in the latest R7 WIP or we’re forced to purchase R ̶8̶ 7 to not have to revert to a buggy mess of R6 which I was told will not be debugged if a bug requires more than a certain amount of manhours?

They use the same file format.

SubD functionality is only being developed for Rhino 7.

Not that I know of - but that is based on having licenses in the Cloud Zoo.

WIPs expire. You will have to install the release version of Rhino 7.
To make sure that the functionality that you need is in Rhino 7, you will either have to provide feedback during the WIP stage or test the SR0 version exhaustively and hope that changes that you need to not require a lot of work. Feedback after SR12 might not be all that effective…

Where did you get told that? WIPs are NOT for production use.What are the issues you have having? I’ve been using 6 for ages and honestly don’t know what the issues are that some people are having, other than now that Rhino 6 actually makes use of decent OpenGL hardware, you kinda NEED decent OpenGL hardware.

Hi Jim - the annotation system in RH6 is completely different than what it was in RH5. @Asterisk has based his workflow on the RH5 system and, while trying to adapt to the new system, has found a few issues that since have been fixed in the WIP.

Here on the forum. You’re welcome to read through my activity. It’s in a couple of bug report threads I posted.

The areas we use Rhino in are architectural type of drafting, pointcloud reverse engineering and basic manufacturing. We don’t use it as a design tool at all.

Here’s just general bug that’s been in Rhino since R5 came out for example: