Rhino 8 WIP status

this looks very good but problem is performance, this is rendered view. what @rhinouser11 says there should be sketchuplike simple shadowed view possible

I want to ask Mc Neel if we are soon going to see version 8 plan of which features (or more generally) are going to be implemented and what is not to be expected. I guess right now you are in the process of assement. Thanks :slight_smile:

the shadow is offset from the object and it’s blurry. that is not clean at all.

In a display style under ‘other settings’ you can add cycles to the display pipeline, which will overlay the viewport rendering style with a production rendering, so you get real raytraced shadows.
Instead of this somewhat sucky shadow map…

this is what i get with the settings shown above from Rudi

the shadow is offset from the object.
the shadow fades out
the viewport is crawling with this simple scene. this can’t be used for actual work. I have an old gpu because of the current ridiculousness, but I should be able to work with a box and a plane without issues, no?
if i use “default lighting” the shadow moves around the scene, so I can’t judge what is going on.

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Yes, I use a similar Rudi setup:

And the setup