Link to WIP Builds

It would really help if this thread linked to each build directly to the dujour repo.

I need to roll back to 7.0.20252. A parent block with a child block in the current WIP tries to delete layers when history updates the child.

Ok, you can find the build number in a YT track for that build. Then just plug in the date and version into the URL.

@EricM did you report the actual bug separately? This thread seems to be about finding links to older WIPs; however it seems that within 45 days your WIP will expire and the later WIPs will have this bug.

Yes, thanks. If I survive the day I will post it.

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I wasn’t sure which version I used last, so I grabbed an August build once I figured out how to get past builds. I did test each release to see when it broke and noted that it was working on 7.0.20252.16055. Hope that helps narrow it down.