Rhino 8 WIP lost top line; replaced by duplicate of 2nd line

When playing with the Appearance settings, I toggled the Menu check box and lost the Menu line and got a duplicate of the 2nd line:

This picture shows Rhino 7 on the left and Rhino 8 WIP on the right. I am pretty sure this is not a feature.

Exiting Document Properties restored the Menu line. This is not a one-shot occurrence. It always happens on my system with Rhino 8 WIP that I installed today.


Hi Terry -

I’m not seeing that happening here:

… but that also shows that you’ve other things that are non-standard.
Have you saved this window layout so that it’s something that you can go back to, and something that you can export and share?
What happens when you start from the “Default Window Layout”?

Just FWIW, in your screenshot, the Menu option is checked so that one is expected to appear.

Please attach your SystemInfo data.

This is a new Rhino 8 WIP after installing it so everything should have default settings.

I did not follow your comment about Menu box being checked. My difficulty is that I do not know the names of the 1st and 2nd row of buttons/tabs. One of the names is Menu which I think is the top one.

I have no plugins which I installed.

In any case this is what happens on my system after a clean new install. If it is not fixed it does not matter as I want the top Menu line to always show.

A bigger issue I have with the new interface is the bloated space taken by the layers menu. The new search line takes extra vertical space and the font for the Layers is bigger. Perhaps I can adjust these somewhere??


Try putting the Command window at the bottom as shown (by implication) in my picture. Then do you get the same behavior when toggling the Menu check box?

Hi Terry -

I now see what you mean - you need to exit the Options dialog for the screen to refresh. I’ve put this on the list as RH-74957 UI Cleanup: No realtime update of toggling the menu bar

Apart from that, …

I have no idea what that means.
To put everything back to the defaults, you could use the new “Reset” command. If you want to retain some customizations, you could consider creating a new scheme. For restoring the default configuration of all containers, you can use the WindowLayout command and use the “Default Window Layout” entry from the list.

“Buttons/tabs” - In Rhino 8, all UI elements are nested in “containers”. Those can contain toolbars and/or panels.
The Menu item is the one with “File, Edit, View, Curve, …”
“1st and 2nd row” will depend on your custom window layout, and, on the “Default Window Layout”, the 3rd one (which, perhaps, is your 2nd one), is the container named “Standard Toolbars”:

As far as I know, these are not adjustable, no.
You can probably recover some of this space by setting the advanced Rhino.Options.Advanced.UseEntireWidthForTopBand option to False.
Then drag out the right-hand container to float it and then dock it back in place to the right. That will place that container under the menu line:


I really do not like the increased height in each layer line. What does it help to have these lines taller? Is it to help clarify some icon on that line?

Thanks for your other answers. Glad you were able to reproduce the problem I was seeing. Apparently it takes the combination of moving the command window to the bottom and then toggling the Menu check box for this to manifest.