Rhino 8, Windows 11, and 4K screen :(

I upgraded updated to Windows 11 a while back, and have largely regretted it ever since. I had hoped that Rhino 8 would have addressed the issues I’ve been seeing, and I do actually have a decent looking Rhino install after the upgrade and some fiddling, but there’s some work to do.

This is largely Windows 11’s fault btw, I was happy with Windows 10 (and Rhino 7). Windows 11 seems to handle scaling differently, and also has fewer granular controls for how the screen should look, font sizes for menus, etc… Display scaling decimates the resolution, and on the other hand setting the font size under accessibility isn’t totally tuned in Rhino 8.

Some notes here:

And then here’s how it looks when I drag Rhino onto my HD monitor (I just won’t do this):

Btw Grasshopper on the second screen looks fine, although with huge menu text.

The fiddling I did was to change from 150% screen scaling and 100% text size, to 100% screen scaling and 200% text size. This allows Rhino to use the monitor’s full resolution, which is nice.

Win 11 on a single 4k monitor here. Everything seems fine to me.

Are you doing any display scaling?

Update for posterity: a couple of things have helped a lot here:

  1. Making the hi-res monitor my main display eliminates the annoying arrows at the bottom of all of the menus. I had made the low-res monitor the main screen because that’s the only way its touch screen works. I don’t use it anyways.
  2. 200% display scaling on the hi-res monitor (150% is recommended but everything just looks like it was scaled up by 1/2 and so the anti-aliasing is aliased and all the lines and text look like garbage. Note that any display scale changes will look like a mistake until you close Rhino and re-open it.
  3. Changed the adaptability text scale back to 100%. This fixes the weird menus, and with 200% display scaling the text is the correct size.
  4. Maxxed out all of the antialiasing settings in the graphics card seems to have helped the jaggy lines I was always seeing in conjunction with semi-transparent objects.

New and improved Rhino window:

I don’t have any reason to apply custom display scaling. All of my apps look fine with the default.