Bug Report?

Ok, long winded and lots of added pictures… assuming I can upload as many as I want to.

Just to make things clear: I recently (this morning) upgraded my laptop to windows 10. I have a 4K TV and a 1080P Laptop. I have the output on my laptop (HDMI) go to the TV. My laptop allows me to use 4K, and both by default are using 4k. But I have strange occurrences going on. See picture below for my version.

So I am working on a tasting room 3D model for a Rum distiller in Ludlow Kentucky called Second Sight Spirits. I am using neon to do a simple and clean render of the tasting room. I run neon and get this initial picture. Picture taken using Onenote screen capture.

If you notice the Rhino interface, everything looks good to me. Size is appropriate for the menu systems and “such”. Then I use the “Screencapturetofile” command. And this is when things get weird. My screen changes from using the whole 4k screen to only using 1/4 (or 1080P) of the screen and the file saves as that 1/4. See Onenote capture below:

Now the Rhino Window has gone 1/4 of my screen. The saved jpg has that same file quality. Not the orginal 4K window I was raytracing in. But what is more strange and mildly frustrating is when I click the maximize window (because it leaves me in this windowed version of rhino) it does random things. Sometimes it makes it full to my 4k monitor. And sometimes it makes it span across both monitors. But no matter which route it takes it still messes up my tabs and panels. see image below.

I know this is the RC version of SR 13, and maybe this has already been caught and modified. But I wanted to show what I was dealing with just in case it hasn’t been mentioned. Perhaps this has to do with a 4K monitor and a 1080P monitor in Rhino… or with my video drivers. I did spend about 3 hours updating drivers to windows 10. As well as just uninstalling certain apps and reinstalling them because they didn’t work properly at all.

Thanks to McNeel / Staff for making a great product and giving even better support.
Oh, here is a work in progress of the actual tasting room:

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