Rhino 8 upgrade from 7 not working (license not found, will now exit)

hi i just bought the upgrade for rhino 7 to rhino 8 got my licence in my mail uploded into the cloud zoo and i can see both my 7 and 8 licenses listed. i tried everything deleting rhino7 deleting rhino 8 downloading again, no mater what i do when i try to open rhino 8 it automaticly says license not fout will exit now without even askiung me for log in info. o can still use my rhino 7 but it asks me, there is a newer version of rhino would u like to use that and when i say yas the same thing happens. Does anybody else have the same problem, do i need to contact tech suport? thank you

Hello I have the same problem bob mcneel please help us

Hello I have the problem can you please help?

Hello all,
Please contact your regional McNeel office directly (or your local reseller if you bought the upgrade there).