Text size for interface

I’ve a high resolution monitor and the text in the panels displays is very small. Is there some way to increase the point size of these? I find myself squinting all day long. I notice there was some hack for the windows version.

The interface sizing tools are linked together in Mac Rino. The control is in Rhinoceros > Preferences > Palette
Drag the slider around until you get the size you like.

Thanks, but that only chages the size of the tool icons. The text is not affected.

I just tried it here. Drag the slider farther. The text labels will change too, just in bigger increments.

I’m talking about the text in the panels on the right.

I don’t think Rhino has any independent controls for that. The operating system preferences controls those elements.

In System Preferences > Display, is your resolution Scaled or set as Default for display?

I use the default for the monitor. That’s what’s causing the small text. Maybe this is suitable for the requests line.

Interesting. I use Default for display and it looks fine on the Macs I use. Either way, that’s what that tool is intended for I believe.

I upgraded to a DELL U2715H Display 27-inch (2560 x 1440)

It’s great for clarity, but everythings been reduced in size. I wonder if there’s some control in the Mac OS that could be modifed by a future Rhino version.

That would be a question for @dan or @marlin.
Generally, that sort of display fine tuning is off-limits on the OS X side, and fair game in Windows.

Thanks, I’ll mention it to those guys. Apple has become a rather precious thing over the years. But, I’m to far invested to ditch her.

See this discourse thread.