Rhino 8, selecting line tool lag / Windows

The line tool is one of my most comonly used tools.
In Rhino 8 I find selecting the dropdown from the polyline icon on the main tool panel has a severe lag.
The window drops down and then there is a 1.5- 2 second lag before it lets me select the line tool.

It’s causing a real disruption to my work flow.

Hello- do you mean this cascading toolbar takes a long time?

What does this setting look like ?

Default is 400.


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Hi Pascal, Thank you for getting back to me. Yes it was the cascading toolbar.

I was only having the issue with the polyline toolbar. I ended up moving it to the bottom of the main toolbar panel and putting the line tool in its place. Weirdly the polyline cascading toolbar now started working ok.

Perhaps it was just an issue with my machine? It had been doing it since I installed rhino 8 two days ago but now seems to have resolved itself.

Kind regards.