Rhino 8 Section Tool - Problem with block

I am using the new dynamic section tool in R8.

I have set up the sections in my model, and have a problem objects showing inside a block.

I have created a window block, and in my section I want to see through the glass, so i have hided/clipped out the “glass” layer in the settings for the section. But the glass keeps showing?

The only solution so far is to remove the glass from the block - is there a way to keep the glass within the block, or make the “glass”-layer see through?

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Can you please share a model? Also let us know what service release of Rhino are you using. That will help us repeat at our end. thank you.

2024-04-11_Test model.3dm (6.7 MB)
Hej Rajaa
Thanks for your reply! Here you have the model.
Im using windows with Rhino 8 SR6 2024-4-10 (Rhino 8, 8.6.24101.05001)

Can you test with the service release candidate (SR 7)? I ran a test here and it is working as expected. When I hide the Glas layer, the drawing does not show the glass object in the drawing.

I isolated one Block instance and I think I got the expected result

Hi Rajaa.
Thank you for the answer!
Yes, that is also working for me. The problem is when I want to hide the glass within a block using the “Objects clipped” feature.

I see it. Reported here…

Thank you!

This is a known and frequently reported issue. Sections, make2D etc see elements in hidden layers that are in blocks. It is like there for years if not decades and no action was taken. The only work around is to redefine your block temporarily without the glass.
When I say it is a workaround I do not mean it is practical, especially if you have a lot of blocks with different degrees of detail.
This is only one of the many problems that makes documenting projects in Rhino a nearly impossible task. The hope that dynamic sections would come close to solving it is quickly vanishing.
It seems that Rhino has no understanding how architectural documents are expected to be produced and has demonstrated no wish to evolve on these fronts.

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I added another item to look into extracted dynamic drawing here…

Nuno -

The issue with Make2D doing that is on the list as RH-80980 Make2D shows hidden geometry

Thanks Wim,
That issue was only created 2 months ago. This is an old problem.
reported here:

and here:

Both about a year ago but the issue is older than that I believe.

I filed separate issue for Make2D in relation to this issue (nested block layer excluded from clipping) here…

@nsgma please try the Rhino 8.8 service release candidate. It includes fixes to Make2D and ClippingDrawings to take into account excluded layers of nested blocks. Please let us know how it works for you. Note that the display part of the bug is not fixed yet, but extracting drawings should be.

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Hi @rajaa
Any hope that this is fixed in R7 as well?

The fix will not be available in V7

Unfortunate and unfair for your community.
I would say this is a critical functional fix, reported for many, many years.

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