Bug - Make2D sees Blocks in referenced layers that are off

File “230428 Make2D Bug.3dm” (attached) has boxes:

  1. one as a polysurface in Layer On
  2. one as a polysurface in Layer Off
  3. one as “Block 01” in Layer Off
  4. “Block 02.3dm” (attached) inserted has a referenced block in layer On.

“Block 02.3dm” has similar boxes:

  1. one as polysurface in Layer Ref On
  2. one as polysurface in Layer Ref Off
  3. one as “Block 03” in Layer Ref On
  4. one as “Block 03” in Layer Ref Off

Make2D considers blocks on off layers in referenced files. Make2D ignores all geometry in layers that are off except blocks within referenced files/blocks.

Image 1 shows all geometry on File “230428 Make2D Bug.3dm”
Image 2 shows the initial situation with the layers OFF off and the layers ON on
Image 3 shows the result of Make2d

230428 Make2D Bug.3dm (114.0 KB)
Block 02.3dm (66.3 KB)

Hello - here is how this looks to me- if a file that contains embedded blocks is inserted as a linked block, and the reference layer for the instance of a block in the linked file is turned off, thus hiding that part of the block, Make2d ignores the fact that it is not visible and draws the hidden object.

Have I rephrased that correctly?


Hi Pascal,

I made one further test and unreferenced the file. The problem still occurs if the file is not a reference.

So the issue is with block within a block.


Any ideas here? Is this a known issue? Is there a tracking issue?

Any progress on this? could you replicate?