Bug or Wish - Make2D takes Viewport layer status into consideration

I have two viewports. On one viewport, I have Layer X off and layer Layer Z on. On the viewport, I have Layer X on and Layer Z off.
I’d like to run make2d inside the viewports/details and have their layer status reflected in the result.


Hi Nuno -
I’m possibly misunderstanding something.
When you activate a detail in which some objects are not shown, running Make2D on the available objects will only take those into account.

Not on my end.
To be clear.
On Model space all layers are on.
On detail 1 Layer X is on, Layer Z is off.
On detail 2 Layer X is off, Layer Z is on.
When I make2d on detail 1, both layers appear.


Hi @wim
On further testing, it is not exactly as I described. It is similar to the one here.
See attached file.
I have three layers. Pentagon, Hexagon and Prism, in each there is one solid.
I have two viewports/details, on one Pentagon is off, on the other Hexagon is off.

When I make2d on the pentagon viewport/detail. it works fine.
However, if the solids are part of a block or of a group, make2d considers the whole selection. Smartly, it turns off the corresponding layers that are off.

However, the result is not the expected one because the solid that is on the off layer, blocks lines that should be seen in that view.

see file. let me know if it is clear.
230523 Bug M2D Viewport.3dm (95.8 KB)