Rhino 8 Feature: Linetype Enhancements

Looks wanderful !

Curious if it can be accessed in Grasshopper in some way? Would be great to have lines that taper depending on distance from camera.

Looks amazing!

If you can also add a feature to extend the line (maybe as a multiple of width?) that would be end-game material right there!

Yes! Please see these posts.

This looks AMAZING!
Probably the feature I’m most hyped for right now :smile:

Keeping things simple is also useful.

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Curve piping has been modified to support tapered curves. It is still a little buggy.

There is also a TestCurveOutline test command that will extract a polyline boundary from a tapered curve.


Thanks, Lowell!
RH-74303 Annotation: Linetype: Number of segments

Usefulness of taper settings

No (ok, there will always be a few crazy people) artist draws a line in such a way that the brush pressure smoothly goes from point 0 to reach the maximum brush size at a certain point, and then the size smoothly changes to another value.

The strangeness of using such settings of narrowing the brush is well illustrated by the situation when we have many lines of different lengths next to each other.
Comparing two lines, e.g. 5 and 50 cm long, which widen in the middle, we will notice that in one someone pressed the brush precisely and smoothly over 2.5 cm, and right next to it it takes as much as 25 cm.

The funny thing is that in such a world, the artist, drawing each line, would have to realize that he is in the middle (or a certain point) of the line, and he would have to start slowly picking up the brush.
Please take a brush or a graphic tablet and try to draw something in this way, where each line will be guided by this principle.

In fact, the start of the line is narrowed by putting the tool on the surface, then there is some more or less constant line, and then lifting the tool off the surface - it doesn’t take 10 times longer for 10 times longer lines to lift your brush off the canvas but about the same time for each line no matter the length.

Simplifying the topic a bit for the needs of CAD software, changing the size of the line should be also possible as follows:

  1. Absolute length of the taper at the beginning of the line
  2. Fixed line width in between
  3. Absolute taper length at the end of the line.

The current options for setting line taper don’t match what we know from the real world and give that funky computer-graphics flavor. Someone might even like that, but it’s a very imposing, inflexible setting for all the users. I would like a setting to be added where the length of the taper is based on defined units.

Please see how it is done in professional programs that were created for digital drawing. A perfect example is Clip Studio Paint, which developed around comic book creation, where linework is crucial.

Rhino 8 tapering - all lines are in the same style and it shows the ridiculousness of the tapering defined by the point on the curve

Clip Studio Paint - line tapering is defined by the length. Clip Studio has a lot more cool settings besides that, but I’m not asking to match its number of settings and features


Hi @mary,

I’ve really been enjoying integrating the linetype enhancements into my workflows.

Any chance that you all can add linetype support for the custom preview component in Grasshopper?

Currently I need to bake the lines for non-continuous line types to show up visually in model space as the Custom Preview component currently outputs continuous lines (and custom colors) only.

It would be wonderful to save the overhead/time of baking and simply show dashed lines via Custom Preview only.


Will there be any tweaks on the arrowhead?

Hi Filip -

There is nothing planned for Rhino 8 in this regard, no.
What specific tweak are you interested in?

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Thanks for answering. I should have been more specific and clear :slight_smile:

I would like to have some more options on adding endings on curves, as in arrowheads/dots/squares. Right now, the arrowhead is dynamic in my viewport and can only be set to a specific size when printed. As of now, I usually draw a dedicated triangle, but its not that flexible.

So all in all, just the same tweaks and options you added for the lineart, but for endings.

Illustrator as reference;


Hi @mary , I wonder where are these seetings hidden ? Are they still here ?

Hi Felix -

The settings are not hidden. They can be found in the “Objects” settings for a display mode.

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Hi Filip -

We have that feature request on the list as RH-37989 Add arrowhead display style to ends of curves


Well I did look there, but can’t seem to find Linetypes as used in Mary Ann capture.

Please note tha it is not easy to look into these settings. For example, it is not clear which options are available in which base display mode and why.

Hi Felix -

Her statement applied to showing or hiding edges, isocurves, patterns, etc… You have to define the linetype in the Linetypes panel and apply a linetype to a layer or object.

Rhino is not getting any less complex, no.

I’m not sure what you mean by “base display mode”, but all settings that can be found on those pages apply to the display mode that the pages are attached to.


Thanks for the clarification !

It’s an other subject, but what I find not clear is the status of the standard display modes, shipped with Rhino. To me, they are presets to ease a basic use of display modes. When I say preset, I mean that I always thought I could tweak any display mode to become another one. This is in fact not possible : some settings are only available if my new display mode is duplicated from a specific standard display mode. I don’t mind a complex software where I can understand the choices I have ; my concern here is that the different settings available from a standard display mode to another are not exposed (or not clearly).

This could for example be clarified for example by showing display modes in a tree way, exposing families of display modes.