How can Rhino display different line width?

Dear all,

Is there anyway I can let Rhino (when you are modeling) display lines with different width? Just like autoCAD? I tried Curve Piping but it is not what I want. I don’t need it to be solid and Curve Piping behave weird when you have a complex polyline.

PrintDisplay will toggle thicknesses, which are controlled in the layer – similar to autosad

But can also be set on an object level in object properties.
HTH, Jakob

Wow, cool! Thanks, that is what I have been looking for.
Btw, any chance I can customize the dash line setting just like InDesign/ai?
I mean, how can I determine each dash segment’s length?

Hi -

You can specify line types in the Document Properties > Linetypes dialog box.

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I see, thanks wim