3d Sketching Update?

Are there any new updates on 3d sketching functions and fancy curves for WIP 8?Thanks! @theoutside @stevebaer

Hi Nate -

Do you have anything specific in mind?
The AutoCPlane feature lets you set a CPlane more easily than before.
Linetypes now have settings for taper positions and widths.

Have you seen this one?


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To my understanding the framework for tapered curves (i.e fancy) in v8 has been laid, now the ui work and all the other stuff needed to make them play nice with all the rest of rhino is on progress.

the workflow for sketching however, is largely unchanged from the video I posted originally. All that stuff is already in rhino and has been for some time, the missing part was the tapered curves to make the drawings beautiful.

Huge thanks to @stevebaer for his tireless efforts making rhino better everyday. He would be able to provide a more detailed status of this work, or correct any errors in my understanding from above.

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The UI effort is going into manipulation of line types. Line types in Rhino 8 now have widths and these widths are shown in the display. If you look at the display mode settings in Rhino 8, you can see that different objects have their width display settings set “By Object” instead of a fixed pixel width for everything.

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Thanks guys for the update @wim @theoutside @stevebaer I appreciate the huge effort. I’m still in V5 as the price to upgrade is not in my rainy day fund yet so will have to wait to to run the WIP!