Line Type Scale

How can we have different line type scale for different lines? Currently I am having only one input for line type scale.

You’ll need to Add a new style in Options>Annotation>Linetypes and adjust the pattern values which relate to model units. Look through the default styles to get an idea of how the pattern values work. Dashed for instance is two numbers, the length of the dash followed by the length of the spaces between. Then apply the new linetype style to the curves you want to show at a different scale via Properties when the curves are selected.

@mary can correct me if I’m missing something but I think that’s the only way.

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Hey Brian,
You are correct.
Rhino has a linetype scale per model in Options -> Annotation -> Linetype -> Scale.
Rhino does not have a entity or object level linetype scale that would factor against the model scale.
It is on the wish list.
Mary Fugier

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Thanks @mary I wanted to double check with a drafting pro like yourself :slight_smile:

Can we change “Print Width” of “Default” value? @mary @BrianJ

Print width is a layer setting so they are initially established based on the Template file you’re using.
If you have different values you want to start with, make a new template file.

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Hi Brian and D_pace23,
Thanks for asking.
The default width is easily changed in the Print command.

  1. Start the Print command, the Print Setup dialog will appear.
  2. Go to the Linetypes and Line Width page.
  3. Select Default line weight from list control.

This will affect all Layers and Objects that are set to “Default” print width.
Let me know if this works for you.

Mary Fugier

that perfectly works for me. thank you!

Hi @mary , i dont seem to find the way to change the corner cap types of the lines. Currently the end is a rounded cap (in the pic), i was looking for a flat cap style. Do we have that option?

Hi D_pace,
We do not have an end cap style for lines, yet.
It is on the wish list.
What styles would be helpful to you? Round, flat? Anything more?

Thank you!
Mary Ann Fugier

if newer version includes the flat cap style it wud be perfect for me.

Are there any choices for caps other than the “pill” looking one???

Not yet, no.

any development for this? its 2021 hopefully R8 gets these

Hi Juan,

We have a tracking number RH-2285, but it is not set to public view.
This Forum post is linked and when this new feature is available to test, it will be updated here with that information.

The good news is that this is in progress.
But we do not know yet if it is targeted for Rhino 8.

Thanks for checking in.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA