Display mode with wider possibilities

Hi All.

Is it possible to develop new display mode with more options to manipulate?
I would be happy to have ability to change color, printwidth and linetype of tangent edges.
And an option of tangent angle changing. I mean the angle, determining visibility of tangent edges.

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I like the idea to see the tangent lines and the ability to customize them.

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Hello- this seems tricky to me, off hand, in a display mode as they work now - linetypes and print widths are handled as object properties, currently, independently of display modes. I know this is somewhat of a jumble perhaps, to keep straight, but I think that woiuykld be a tall order. Tangent angle might be more tractable, at least I can see how that fits better into the display mode system.


Yes, but I personally have no idea how for example linetype of the layer influences visual representation of polysurface. I believe in case of Dashed linetype of the layer it supposed to show edges of a polysurface dashed. At least in Print display option On. Is that possible?
And currently linetype parameter of layer is only about curves representation, am I right?

This is all drastically changing in Rhino 8. Linetypes in Rhino 8 will have widths associated with them which allows display modes to use the object’s linetype. Different parts of objects can choose to pay attention to the pattern of a linetype or not. We still need a few more weeks to get everything in the UI to allow users to customize linetypes.

This is the latest UI for display mode settings on surfaces in this week’s WIP. This would let you do things like have solid edges and dashed isocurves if you want. I’m sure we’ll tune up this UI as well to hopefully have it make more sense as well.

Curves have also been updated to use the own attributes for determining width (maybe it should read “use object’s linetype”)


Looks really promising. Thank you for those features!
If it’ll be possible additionally implement tangent angle option in display mode I’ve mentioned above that would be perfect!

Flair-this is an interesting topic

Do I understand correctly that you want to use this as a way to analyse edges based on color?

this is great

Actually, I want to have possibility to change visual representation of edges based on their tangency angle. Some of them should be invisible, some of them shown in different way from sharp edges. (Different linetype, lineweight)
I’m not sure if it’s possible at all.

Hi Steve.

I’ve just realized that such options are already presented in current WIP of v8.
The only problem I see is that print width option doesn’t affect on print.
I mean, I set a print width for a object to let’s say 2, but it has no effect on the print preview and printed PDF.
But the line type works perfect! Thanks a lot for that.

The print dialog needs to also be updated to account for these changes. For now, I believe if you switch the output color to be by print color then the print thickness will be taken into account.

Sorry, can’t make this work. Still no change on print width.

One more thing about v8. Turning off checkbox of Surface Edges in Display mode settings still shows edges. I don’t know if this is a known issue.

Hi -

That seems to be working fine, here:


Yes, my bad, sorry.
Fresh install and updated video drivers gave me correct result.