Rhino 8 Command Container

Question - How to edit the main container that holds the command line.
On 7 that was dealt with under themes in settings but no themes in 8 and no clear way to edit.
I can add a new container with a my selection of commands but don’t want two containers.
I am sure it’s there but not sure where else I can look. Can you point me in the right direction.
Many thanks.

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Is there a way to do this? Seems to be a messy way of building a workspace if not.

Hope you can help.

still no any answers :frowning:

hold down command and drag icons in or out of tool bar, shift to reorder

seems to be a rather unintuitive way of doing it, if nobody knows at least. i saw this being asked already repeatedly, i must honestly say if i would not have seen this message, the systematic might have dropped out of my memory.

i must add that i did not even try to meddle with these because that was so rigid and buggy at some point that i was just happy that it worked somehow.

Windows Rhino standard since V1.0…

Shift+LMB to drag/drop move button elsewhere (drag out into workspace and release to delete)
Shift+RMB-Click to edit the button in-place

Ctrl (will be Cmd on Mac) +LMB to drag-copy a button elsewhere
Ctrl (will be Cmd on Mac) +RMB to create a linked button
(I never do it this way, I make my links manually)

Thanks, I understand this.
You have preset toolbar selections to pick from but just cant use them with the command line entry.

I just want main and standard there with the command line. Nothing complicated. But you cant have that without building it yourself even though its a toolbar option.
That is why I think this is a messy solution.

Building blocks not building grains.

Aside from that currently the toolbar function is a little flakey so it keeps reseting itself then you have to drag them all over again. Hopefully that will stabilise but it feels like the building blocks have been removed.

unintuitive since forever then :smiley:
i will bookmark your post then, in case i want to clean up once. thanks!

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I feel your pain, the ui needs work on V8, my biggest gripe is lack of right click to repeat a command .

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Funnily enough I want right click to offer a larger context menu. But neither of us are happy with what’s been implemented. At least we could be both happy before!

I work on mac and pc versions so continuity across both platforms would be logical, in V7 you had the option to activate this.