Rhino 8 bug? Issues with Smooth dragging the Gumball tool

I’m a rookie who is just getting started in jewelry course work on Udemy. Go easy on me… I can’t continue my course work in Rhino 8 due to gumball dragging issues. In Rhino 7, gumball always worked as it should.

Even with Grid Snap disabled (suggestion from the Rhino team via email earlier), dragging the green square in gumball creates an enormous snap distance. I took a screen shot here just showing the first spot it will allow me to drag to. I really need that smooth dragging on so I don’t have to deal with the snapping.

And yes, smooth dragging is enabled in the gumball menu…

I don’t understand why this is happening. Totally stumped.

Is anyone else having this gumball issue? Is it a Rhino 8 issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

ETA UPDATE This post must have gotten someone’s attention at Rhino - Within 15 minutes the Rhino program prompted me for an “update” (Rhino 8.2)… I clicked “yes”. Suddenly smooth dragging is working again. @Helvetosaur No more crickets it seems! Install the 8.2 update and let me know if the bug was fixed for you too.


Hello- is there any OSnap active?


Pascal, Osnap and Grid snap were deactivated. Smooth was toggled on properly. However, rhino sent through an update after this post and it seems to have resolved itself.

I reported the same thing about a week ago, supplied a video and since then… crickets.

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Darn it! I literally can’t do my course work without the smooth dragging enabled… So much of the coursework involves the smooth use of gumball dragging (which is of course enabled to smooth). With the snappy feature stuck, I simply can’t move anything the way it needs to be moved. This is awful. As noted, I have disabled the snaps. Unless there’s somewhere else I’m not seeing that needs to be disabled/enabled?

@Joshua_Kennedy - is this on your radar at all? I cannot repeat it at the moment at least, I’ll have a look at Hevetosaur’s post.


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An “update” for 8.2 suddenly hit my computer and the bug was fixed. I guess someone noticed this post since it showed up so shortly after posting this… That’s some quick work on Rhino’s part. Thanks Rhino team. :smiley:

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@Helvetosaur 8.2 suddenly came through on my PC after posting this and the bug seems to have been fixed. That was quick work on Rhino’s part! Let me know if it’s been resolved for you too.

Nope, I’m on 8.3 already and it’s not fixed. But this is not version dependent necessarily, as I have a default scheme that does not have the problem and a custom one that does running simultaneously on the same machine.

Are you using Windows or Apple? Saw your video and your program looks different than mine. Odd how 8.2 suddenly prompted me for download after posting this and all of a sudden gumball is working on my end.


Hopefully Rhino will reach out and get it resolved.

I’m not sure if this issue is the same as what you reported in the other thread.

Is it resolved in your current version or still an issue? Does it always snap when dragging or does the smooth dragging work for awhile then it changes and breaks?