Problem with gumball move tool, it's not smooth

hi guys,

i’m experiencing a really annoying problem when i try to move with the gumball. it skips in increments instead of moving smoothly…have a hit a setting that causes this? i’m not sure when it happened…how can i make it move smoothly again?

The only problem I see - You didn’t read the manual. :innocent:
“Right-click the Gumball pane in the status bar to access options.”


if you left click on the white circle on the gumball, a menu will pop up…look to see if “snappy dragging” is toggled on, versus “smooth dragging”

snappy dragging will snap to your snaps such as point, intersection, etc.

(forgive me if I am incorrect here…)

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thanks a lot for your replies cadmaster and widizrd.

i have smooth dragging checked already but it is still skipping in increments as i try to move it…any other idea what is going on here ?

(it skips by increments of one unit)

Grid snap

it’s actually not snapping to the grid (but still it moves by increments of one).

i tried making Grad Snap 0 and it made no difference

aAAHHAHHH I got it. GRID SNAP! yes, i had the grid snap box panel pressed. duh. THANK YOU !

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