Rhino 7 WIP - Raytrace Rendering

A couple of things when working with Raytrace which I noticed and which may have already been pointed out.

A) When working with material settings from Object properties window – Detailed settings on Physically Based do not show up consistently in the dialog box…maybe a window sizing issue? It seems to work correctly in the Material Editor window when pulled from drop down.

B) Selecting an object in viewport does not cause the material selection to jump to assigned object material in the Material window.

C) It’s great to see the PBR materials. I think others have pointed out but will also add that it would be great to have an emissive multiplier based on a real world output…ie. Lumens, etc.

D) It’s important when rendering to be able to go back and continue working on a scene – is the plan to have rendering handed off to process separately allowing work to continue on a scene?

Thanks for making the WIP available…great work!

This is something for @maxsoder , not specifically something of Raytraced.

That doesn’t happen in Rendered or any other mode either

We haven’t reached a good decision on this, since emission on PBR is a bit of a hack really (but very cool nonetheless).

Not at the moment. The best thing you can do is fire up a second Rhino instance and work on a copy of your file.

I checked “The Object Properties window - Detailed settings view for the Physically Based Material do not show up consistently” problem and I can confirm it. I also found out that a fix made 14 days ago broke this. This problem is related to another problem that makes all the properties pages flicker.

RH-57224 is fixed in the latest WIP

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