Raytraced-materials/NVIDIADenoiser crashing Rh7

I am running 7.0.20217.3575 with Raytraced-materials v0.1.3 and NVIDIADenoiser v0.1.0.

If I open a Rh6 file that includes an object using a raytraced material Rh7 crashes.

If I create an object and apply a Raytraced material onto it, once I switch the viewport to Raytraced Rh7 crashes.

Didn’t spend time checking whether its one of the packages or the mixture of both that is causing this!

What Raytraced material are you using?

Both lead to the same result, Raytraced transparent and Raytraced diffuse with gloss.

Nathan was asking where did you get the materials (Raytraced-materials v0.1.3) … are you using a 3rd party render engine like vray?

The two materials I mentioned, are included in a package on the Package Manager, that is published by Nathan.
And no, I don’t have any external render engines set-up.

Right, you shouldn’t use those packages anymore now that Rhino 7 (Rhino WIP) has PBR material support natively. The package is intended really only for v6.

Sounds like it needs to be removed from the package manager list.
And is there a filtering system in the package manager that makes only version relevant content visible?

@will can probably educate me how to make sure a plug-in is only for v6.

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Ah okay, it just said in the description “v6.15 and newer” so I just assumed that meant 7 as well. Thanks for the clarification.

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Yep! Try building a new version of the package using the Yak CLI in a recent Rhino WIP; the minimum Rhino version will be inferred from the RHP and the package will be specific to Rhino 6.

It might also be a good idea to yank the current version to avoid confusion.

Right now, if the package is tagged for Rhino 6 then it will still show up in the package manager in Rhino 7 WIP, but the installation will fail with a “not compatible” error message. In future, I’d like to communicate the compatibility of packages better in the UI. I’d also like to allow, for example, packages that contain Rhino 6 plug-ins to install for Rhino 7 because in many cases we’re able to avoid forcing plug-in developers to recompile their plug-ins by limiting breaking changes to the APIs – it would be good to not force developers to repackage their plug-ins either!