Rhino 7 sub d - - - to ZBrush Export Options (file format?)


I have a model I created with sub-d and then converted it to nurbs to do some slicing and then tried to convert back to sub-d and it was weird. I’m thinking of just importing into ZBRUSH prior to slice and keeping it as a subd - clean original and do slicing in zbrush now that I think I can.

Anyway, there’s a few ways I can get my model into Zbrush and I was just wondering what everyone’s experience is with exporting files esp ones that have been sub-d—>to nurbs etc. and what FILE FORMAT seems to work the best for them???

I do this all the time, just with .obj.
The SubD objects comes into Zb in perfect even quads.
Depending on the density you set in the .obj option, [I set it to be fairly dens]
You can work on it directly in Zb no need to Dynamesh or Zremesher.
If your SubD was symmetrical, it will come in as a symmetric quad mesh.

But if you send the .obj-ed from a nurbs object then you’ll need to rework it in Zb.
If you this regularly, you can Macro the process and make send and receive buttons in both rhino and Zb.


Hi Akash,

Where are you located? I really enjoy your work.