Zbrush to Rhino

Zbrush exports to Obj, maya and Stl file so I was wondering if importing to Rhino might give me more options, that I could then send to CNC? Tried a few without success but I was hoping other people with better experience might know more.


I use OBJ both ways R <> ZB. What was the specific issue you hit? You may need to Join the meshes in Rhino that come in.

CNC operator in Uni, does not like my files, wants CAD / solid files. So a bit frustrating that I am trapped in this Mesh/Surface modeling world and cant save out any other file types.

Ah, that sounds like the CAM software doesn’t handle dense meshes. There’s no easy way to ‘reverse engineer’ a mesh into a NURBS solid… sorry. It is possible but it’s a huge topic. See https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/reverseengineering for some info and options to help explain.

My suggestion would be to ask the CNC operator what if anything could be changed about the meshes you hand over to the CNC. Maybe you can use ReduceMesh in Rhino first to reduce the poly count or repair the mesh in some other way if those are the roadblocks. If it’s meshes in general that the CAM software can’t deal with then you’re stuck with reverse engineering or modeling from scratch in NURBS solids.


…or finding another CNC vendor/software/operator?


Not liking is not the same as not being able to use, so there is hope…
If you use Zbrush propperly then your files should be good enough. Have you tried remeshing in Zbrush?
If a file is good enough to 3D print then it should be good enough to CNC, so you should be fine.

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That really depends on the CAM software. Some will only work from nurbs surfaces, Others may work with meshes but at a penalty in cutting speed and surface finish.

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