WIP 7 Subd to Nurbs Issue?

Hi everybody.
Just been getting to grips with Rhino 7 WIP & the Sub-D tools. Which I find really awesome! So great job to every one at Mcneel working on it.

So far I have just found one issue:
I did a quick Sub-D model & when I came to try Nurbs to Sub-D, it gave me curves but no surfaces.
Naturally I thought as I’m new to the process the fault lay with me & my model (which it probably still does) but I also tried the same command on the primitives & got the same result.
I have checked the Selection filter menu but it made no difference.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

I think I sussed it now.
I wasn’t using select Subd from the the select object menu.
Every days a school day :wink: